Diversity Program For Elementary School Children

2007 to 2011: Evaluation of the Diversity Program, Discover Center, Farmington, CT

Develop an evaluation tool that will assess students’ attitudes, perceptions, and stereotypes about race and ethnicity pre and post experience at the Discovery Center. The program “partners” urban and suburban schools together for three years and includes a combination of academic lessons and residential camp experiences. A process evaluation was conducted during the 2007-2008 public school year in order to explicate how the program was designed to create a change in attitudes and behavior (i.e., towards others of different race, ethnicity, or family backgrounds).  See report: “Preliminary Report/Overview of Evaluation Activities, May, 2008.” A preliminary survey was developed using the findings from the process evaluation and a review of relevant literature and piloted to small groups of program participants (both pre and post program participation) during the fall of 2008. Based on the oral feedback from students and analyses of items (descriptive information), the survey was revised. See report: “Development of an Evaluation Tool To Assess Students’ Attitudes, Perceptions, and Stereotypes about Race and Ethnicity Pre and Post Experience at the Discovery Center.”  Currently (2010 and 2011) administering it to a large sample of participants (400-500 students). Data from this sizable sample will be used to (1) conduct a thorough assessment of the instrument’s validity and reliability, (2) finalize the scales for each of the domains of experiences and outcomes, and (3) obtain preliminary data from the instrument for pre-post analyses.


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