Evaluation Reports

2011 Evaluation Reports

Help Me Grow Orange County 2009 Annual Evaluation Report (March 2011)

2010 Evaluation Reports

Family School Connection 2010 Process and Outcome Evaluation Report (October 2010)

The Impact of Nurse-Students on the Homeless and the Impact of the Homeless on Nurse-Students: An Evaluation of Project Horizon (September 2010)

Nurturing Families Network 2010 Annual Evaluation Report (June 2010)

2009 Evaluation Reports

Family School Connection: Process and Outcome Interim Evaluation Report (November 2009)

Nurturing Families Network 2009 Annual Evaluation Report (June 2009)

2008 Evaluation Reports


2007 Evaluation Reports

Help Me Grow 2007 Annual Evaluation Report (November 2007)

 2001 Reports

 Healthy Families Connecticut: Process Evaluation of a Home Visitation Program to Enhance Positive Parenting and Reduce Child Maltreatment (April 2001) 


Evaluation Reports before 2001

Healthy Families 4 year Report (March 2000)

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